Frequently Asked Questions




What is this new driver career choice program?

Con-way has a unique opportunity to provide its driver-employees with more career opportunities than any other transportation company. With the acquisition of Contract Freighters, Inc. — now Con-way Truckload — many areas were identified where collaboration between the two companies could provide synergies and competitive advantages, benefiting employees and customers of both organizations.

This new program is an industry first that enables Con-way Freight and Con-way Truckload driver/employees to learn about, consider and apply for different employment opportunities at their respective sister companies. It allows drivers the opportunity to explore another career path and gain new skills in their profession. The program is exclusively focused on open positions only where they are available at Con-way Freight service centers or at Con-way Truckload.

Career Benefits


If I decide to pursue a driving opportunity at Con-way Freight, what are the benefits for me?

You will be able to increase your earning power. Con-way Freight driver sales representatives (DSRs) at entry level typically earn on average between $35,000 and $45,000 per year in base pay. You will be able to move into a driving job that consistently allows you to be home every day. The program also allows you to stay with the parent company you know and trust as your lifestyle needs change.

Applying for a Freight Driving Job


How do I find out about Con-way Freight driver openings?

When a Freight driver position opens, the Con-way Truckload Recruiting Department is notified before the positions are advertised in the open market.

How do I apply for a Con-way Freight driver job?

Con-way Truckload recruitment will have visibility to open DSR positions at Con-way Freight prior to their advertisement in the open market. If you are interested in applying for a Freight driver position, you should call 800-641-4747, ext. 3748 to let the Con-way Truckload Recruiting Department know of your interest. At that time you should specify a Con-way Freight location to which you would like to apply.

The Con-way Truckload Recruiting office will forward information about eligible interested candidates and their location choices to Con-way Freight’s Employee Relations department for review and completion of pre-employment hiring processes.

The Con-way Freight Employee Relations office will then notify you if/when an open position is available at the requested location. Finally, you would complete and send a Con-way Freight employment application to the Con-way Freight Employee Relations department.

Am I guaranteed a Freight driving job?

You are not guaranteed a Con-way Freight driving job but you are given an opportunity to apply for open DSR opportunities before the jobs are advertised to the open market.

Do I have to resign my job at Truckload before applying for an opening at Con-way Freight?

You do not need to resign your position at Con-way Truckload to go through the application and interview process at Con-way Freight.

Can I apply for other positions at Con-way Freight besides driving jobs?

At this time, the program is only for DSR positions.

Freight hiring requirements


Are there any special requirements I must meet before I can apply for a Con-way Freight driver job?

To be eligible for an open Con-way Freight DSR position, a Con-way Truckload driver must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • Have three years of continuous service in good standing with CFI/Con-way Truckload
  • Be experienced and skilled in truck driving, and pass pre-employment drug screen, criminal, motor vehicle record and other background checks
  • Possess valid CDL endorsements for double trailer operations, and have appropriate hazardous materials certification
  • Complete an interview

What if I don’t have my CDL endorsements for operating double trailers or my HAZMAT certification?

You will need to acquire the appropriate endorsements and certifications on your own, before applying, or you will not meet the minimum hiring eligibility requirements.

If I don’t meet the eligibility requirements and apply on my own to Con-way Freight, what is the process?

You must resign your position with Con-way Truckload and apply as a new hire with Con-way Freight. It is important to note that if this is the case, you will not be made aware of DSR openings at Con-way Freight prior to the time at which they are posted and/or advertised outside the Con-way enterprise.

Once you are hired


What happens if I’m hired at Con-way Freight?

The Con-way Freight Employee Relations department notifies Con-way Truckload that a conditional offer letter has been presented to you. You then have the choice of accepting or rejecting the offer. The offer letter is conditional to such things as background checks and drug testing. Once your employment starts with Con-way Freight, you must resign your current Truckload position. The next step is to complete your exit paperwork for Con-way Truckload, and complete your new hire paperwork for the Con-way Freight location where you will be working. You will also be required to turn in your truck at an authorized Con-way Truckload location. When you start at Con-way Freight, you also will complete an orientation and training program for newly hired employees. This program will outline all of the operations processes, responsibilities and procedures involved with being an LTL driver for Freight.

If I take a Freight job, can I choose between city and line-haul? How is that determined?

Driving positions at a Con-way Freight service center are currently assigned through an annual job selection process conducted at the service center by drivers with their service center manager. Start times are based upon a DSR’s “service rank,” which corresponds to the years of service they have at that location. Drivers with the longest amount of time at the service center have the highest “service rank,” and therefore have first priority in job selection.

When a newly hired driver joins the service center team, that employee starts at the bottom of the service rank list. He/she will be assigned work in either line-haul or in city operations, depending upon work availability at the facility. However, as a new driver, your actual start time and accompanying work assignment will vary on a weekly, and sometimes daily, basis. As you gain service time and increase your service rank, you will be able to select more regular, consistent start times. However, your start time will be one that generally returns you to your home service center every day or night.

Once you start a new job at Con-way Freight, you will first complete an orientation and training session explaining the responsibilities of a driver sales representative, the work assignment process, safety and freight handling procedures, and the service center’s operations and processes.

My pay from Truckload goes into my account through direct deposit. Is direct deposit offered at Con-way Freight? Will I need to complete new paperwork to make sure my pay from Freight goes into my account through direct deposit?

Con-way Freight offers its employees direct deposit. Once you are hired, you will need to complete the necessary paperwork to ensure that your Freight paycheck is deposited to your account. This will be done as part of your new employee orientation at Freight.

I understand that Freight drivers have company uniforms. Do I have to buy my own uniform or are they company provided?

No. Con-way Freight will provide you with a uniform set at no charge to you.

If I’m offered a Freight driving job at a service center in a city different from where I live, will Con-way Freight pay for the relocation expenses?

No. You are responsible for the costs of relocation to your new work location.

Do I have to work the dock as a Freight driver?

Yes. All Con-way Freight DSRs are required to perform a variety of job functions other than driving, including dock work.

If I move to Con-way Freight and I don’t like the position — can I come back to Con-way Truckload?

If you accept a position with Con-way Freight, but then later wish to return to Con-way Truckload, you can do so through Con-way Truckload’s normal new-hire or reinstatement procedures. If you return to Truckload within one (1) year, you will be credited for your previous service time at Truckload. Con-way Truckload reserves the right to review any returning employee’s driving and performance records to make a determination on a case by case basis as to their eligibility for rehire or reinstatement at Con-way Truckload and/or the level of orientation training and/or testing required of that driver. A Con-way Truckload driver who accepts a position with Con-way Freight and then chooses to return to Con-way Truckload will not be eligible to apply for future opportunities at Con-way Freight under this program.

Employment Benefits/Service Rank/Vacation


If I decide to accept a Con-way Freight driving job, what happens to my benefits?

If you are successfully hired as a Con-way Freight DSR, you will be considered a new employee. Your pay and benefits packages will be as outlined in the applicable plans and policies at Con-way Freight. You can obtain information about the Freight benefit programs and pay from the service center manager that will interview you.

What happens to my service rank?

If you are successfully hired as a Con-way Freight DSR, you will be considered a new employee of that company and you cannot bring along your years of service with Truckload. Your service time and service rank will start new on the first day of employment at Con-way Freight. However, your prior service with Truckload will generally be used for vesting in the company match earned in the Freight 401(k) plan.

What happens to my accumulated vacation?

You will not be able to take your accumulated vacation at Truckload with you; however, when you leave Truckload, you can have any accrued unused vacation paid out in a lump sum. Once you start at Con-way Freight, your vacation accrual will start over in accordance with Con-way Freight’s vacation policy.

I am in Truckload’s 401(k) program presently. What happens to it if I take a job at Freight? Do I have to start fresh in a new plan? Can I rollover my Truckload 401(k) funds to the Freight plan?

Con-way has different 401(k) plans for Truckload and Freight employees. Once you leave Truckload, your payroll contributions to the Truckload 401(k) will cease, as will the Truckload company match. Your balance would remain in this plan. IRS regulations do not permit you to withdraw or roll over your Truckload 401(k) balance while you continue to work for Con-way Freight. If you do not yet have the six years of service required to be fully vested in the Truckload company match in your account, then you will continue to earn vesting service while you continue to work for Freight.

When you join Con-way Freight, you will have the opportunity to sign up for the Freight 401(k) plan, and set up payroll contributions by payroll deduction just like you had previously with Con-way Truckload. This will enable you to continue saving for retirement and benefit from the Con-way Freight 401(k) match, as well. Your prior service with Truckload will generally be used to determine your vesting in the Freight company match that you receive after you join the Freight plan (exceptions may apply if you had a break in service of five years or longer).

What’s in this for the company?

First and foremost, it makes excellent business sense. For Con-way Freight, it provides an efficient, cost-effective avenue for recruiting experienced drivers already familiar with the Con-way culture, values, mission and operating process. For Con-way Truckload, it provides great benefit and tremendous competitive advantage for both driver retention and recruitment. For employees, Con-way becomes the first company to make it possible for drivers to explore other types of driving jobs as their lifestyle needs change, and still work at a company that they know and trust. Overall, the program creates a unique and effective platform to attract and retain drivers for both operating companies.

** Please note: All current policies and procedures are subject to change at any time at the company’s discretion.